We are the authorized Sales agent of Active Network – USA for RFID Reader for TCAS Project by South Central Railway in India.

The UHF Single Antenna Reader can be configured in a wide range of power and frequency settings and complies with ETSI (Europe) and FCC (USA) standards. The power level is factory set from 0.1 W to 2 W ERP, and the frequency from 860 to 960 MHz, fixed or hopping. This reader can read both Read-only and Read/Write tags, can read all the data pages transmitted by tags operating in “TTO**” mode, and perform all read, write, and control functions associated with the operation of Read/Write tags.

RFID Technology is a simple method of exchanging data between two entities namely a Reader and a Tag. It is used to communicate with tags that may pass within range. RFID reader works on the radio frequency of radio waves. It is continuously sending radio waves.

RF signal generator generates radio waves which are transmitted using an antenna (inside reader). A Signal detector is used to receive the signal from the tag. Operating frequency: Lower frequency (125-134 kHz), high frequency (up to 13.5 MHz), Ultra-high frequency(860-960 MHz).